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This Means War 33
"Where is everyone, un?" Deidara asked as he (literally) twirled into the red head`s apartment.
"Shopping, eating, killing small animals," Sasori responded casually, setting down the medium-sized bag from the candy store. Deidara, caught off guard, ran his hip into the dinner table, letting out a loud hiss of pain, clutching his side.
"Why . . . would anyone be killing small animals, un?" Deidara asked through clenched teeth as Sasori turned around and tried to hide his snicker behind his hand.
"Hidan," Sasori simply said, reaching into the cabinets for two mugs. "Want some hot chocolate?"
The blonde gasped excitedly, completely forgetting about his hurting hip and bounced up and down like a little kid. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" Deidara continuously repeated, making Sasori grin and watch in amusement as his boyfriend bounced his way into the kitchen.
"Marshmallows, too, un?" Deidara asked, already looking through the pantry.
"How are you not fat?" Sasori questioned, chuckling. Deidara
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 30 87
This Means War 32
"Just one kiss, Dei," he could hear the brunette whispering seductively in the other's ear. The blonde hid his blushing face behind one hand, squeezing his eyes shut and shaking his head.
"N-No, Chris, that would be betraying Sasori," Deidara spoke in a small voice, nervously glancing up at Chris` face.
"He won`t even know, Dei, it`s fine."
"No, un! That`d be cheating on him! I-I won`t do that!"
"But," Chris said, taking a step towards Deidara, "that`s so mean. You`ll kiss Sasori but not me?"
"He`s my boyfriend, Chris, un!"
"C`mon Dei, it`ll be our little secret," Chris chuckled, wrapping his fingers around Deidara`s chin and tilting it up, pulling their faces closer to each other, their lips only inches away-

"HOLY SHI-!!" Sasori shouted, springing up from his bed.
"Jesus fucking . . . what the hell, man?" Itachi groggily shot at Sasori, scratching his head.
"He was- He was kissing him! And . . . he was . . . so close . . . ," Sasori stumbled on his words, causing Itachi to sta
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 27 56
You're like a circus animal
You're like a circus animal.
You yearn for attention.
You hunger for people to look at you.
People will silently think in their heads,
What will he do next?
And your "friends"?
They're just the hundreds of children waiting for your next trick.
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 9 25
This Means War 31
"Jashin accepts you."
"Ch, yippie? More like hallelujah, mother fucker!" Hidan spat out at his boyfriend, slapping him on the shoulder.
"May I ask why it took The Almighty Jashin-sama so fucking long to accept me?" Kakuzu grumbled out, glaring slightly at Hidan.
"Because Jashin has way more fucking important things to do than to observe a mofo like yo-!" Hidan began rambling before Kakuzu spun him around and roughly grabbed the Jashinist`s waist.
"Two. Whole. Fucking. Weeks," Kakuzu hissed, causing Hidan to gulp loudly. "That`s how long you haven't even kissed me, Hidan!"
Hidan rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest before he gazed into Kakuzu`s eyes, his stunning magenta ones making Kakuzu almost forget all his anger. Almost.
"Then what are you waiting for?" Hidan purred, roughly gripping the front of Kakuzu`s shirt and tugging him closer, standing on the tips of his toes to reach Kakuzu`s lips. Hidan couldn't help but moan when his lips finally touc
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 26 92
This Means War 30
"Will you look at that!"
"Hmm? What?"
"Guess what today is, Hidan?"
"Uh, two days after Thursday?"
Itachi blinked a few times before speaking again. "Uh, yeah, but I mean, um, have you checked your calendar today?" the brunette asked, regaining his confidence with a smile. Hidan put down his favorite book (guess which one?) and shook his head, standing up.
"Hey, wait a minute," Hidan said, stopping on his way to his room. "How do you know that I have a calendar of dates for Jashinism?"
"Uh, because I`ve lived with you for, like, two and a half years. And you announce stupid things like: 'Today is Don`t Buy a Bra Day according to my Jashin calendar!'" Itachi said, throwing his hands up in the air as he imitated Hidan.
"I said that? I don't remember," Hidan said slowly, looking up at the ceiling as if deep in thought.
"You don`t remember anything. Now, go read it," Itachi said bluntly, ducking his head to dodge the notebook that was just launched at his head.
Itachi waited
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 40 99
Shuffle - Yaoi stories
Shuffle . . . shuffle . . . shuffle . . . BING!
Sleep – My Chemical Romance
Pairing: SasoDei
"I`m messed up; I`m fucked up. Please, Dei, if you know what`s best for you-."
"I know what`s best for me, un! I don`t care about-!"
"But you will, Dei! And secretly, you do."
"That`s not-! I don't . . . I love-."
"No! Dei, please! Just leave me alone!"

"That was one hell of an argument," the red head huffed out as he popped open his second beer, flopping lazily onto his bed. Taking a long swing out of the green bottle in his hand, he leisurely turned on the television, deciding to put up with Ellen DeGeneres for tonight.
"Maybe he`ll forget about it all tomorrow; I could stop by his place . . . grab a card at Hallmark on the way there, apologize or something . . . ," Sasori murmured to himself, pondering mindlessly while chugging down his beer.
"I`m addicted, Dei."
"I-I know, un . . ."
"Then why are you still here?! Why are you still with me?!"
"B-Because, un! I . . . I can`t ju
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 25 48
This Means War 29
"Ya know, you really shouldn`t be hanging upside down," Itachi grumbled, towering over the Jashinist as he did continuous flips on the bar. Yes, Itachi and Hidan were currently at a little kid`s park, Kakuzu tagging along.
"I`ve always wanted to take over a park! PARK DOMINATION!"
That`s what Hidan had said. And he succeeded.
All of the small children that had been playing and skipping joyfully in their Hidan-free park were now hiding behind the green slide or their parents had taken them home. Why? Well, a screaming and cursing Hidan can make almost anybody run away screaming for their mommy.
"Why the hell not?" Hidan asked, spinning faster before stopping upside down and laughing like he was high on marijuana, which in Itachi`s opinion, he probably was.
"Because," Itachi stated firmly, rolling his eyes, "you just got out of the hospital because you almost got a concussion in your head, so I believe it to be wise to not let all of your blood rush to your head, idi
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 22 90
The thief
The thief looked down on me
Watching and waiting for my response.
"I want it back," I spoke.
I tried to keep my voice even,
But my voice cracked.
I could see the edges of his lips curve up.
Is it legal?
Is it legal to be this cruel?
"Give it back," I spoke softer.
The thief is snickering now,
Shaking his head.
Is this funny?
"Please, give it back."
My voice could barely be heard.
Less than a whisper.
More than a command.
A plea. I was begging.
You thief.
You took what was rightfully mine.
Why do you do this to me?
He may not be holding it,
But I know he has it.
Because it's not with me anymore.
Please give me what you stole.
What you ripped out and toyed with.
What you threw around like it was nothing.
I want what you broke
Into a thousand tiny pieces.
You thief, give me my heart back.
So maybe I can glue the pieces together
And learn to love again.
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 6 15
Red Leather, Yellow Leather 2
"Got that, Iwa?" said the man, a formal black suit and red tie fitted around his huge body.
The blonde looked up from his fingernails that he was just examining, mumbling a small "Un?" in confusion. The man rolled his eyes, sighing loudly and pinching the crook of his nose.
"Please listen, Iwa, really," he said, folding his hands over his large belly. Deidara raised his eyebrow, snorting and chuckling softly.
"Whatever," the assassin yawned, going back to studying his nails again. The man rolled his eyes again, clearing his throat.
"No showing your face," the man said, "then you can`t even walk down the streets of any city, understand?" Deidara groaned, crossing his legs and resting his chin on his palm, staring at his boss.
"Sir," the blonde hissed, rapping his fingers on the arm of his chair, "I`ve been doing this forever, do we really need to-?"
"Yes we do!" the boss stated firmly, making the assassin glare at him. "Continuing, Iwa, no revealing your name, where you live, or
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 9 25
You remind me of thunder
You remind me of thunder.
So loud.
So startling.
So alarming.
So formidable.
But you cannot hurt me.
You stand so tall and roar so loud,
Scaring all with your rumble.
It's the lightning that does the real job, though,
Striking down with great vengeance
on those tiny ant-like people.
You scamper close behind,
Growling down at them for affect.
But you cannot hurt me.
Sometimes you snap,
cracking loudly.
Though other times you hold it in,
Letting out a low snarl.
You act like you're bigger than you are,
Yelling at the top of your lungs.
Many people dash for shelter,
Obeying your every command.
But you cannot hurt me.
Oh dad, you remind me of thunder,
Hiding behind the pleasant rain.
But you cannot hurt me.
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 6 11
Think inside the box
People always tell me to "Think outside of the box."
But where exactly is this box?
And what are its boundaries?
How close am I to the edge?
Which corner am I closest to?
What is the precise volume of this box?
How far must I stumble in my mind to get to one of the edges?
Now the question is: How do I get out?
Is there a door?
Or is it like a fog, where I can mindlessly step through?
Do I need a ticket?
Or do I need to meet certain standards?
Of course.
You need to meet certain standards of thought.
How far did you let your mind reel?
How hard did you push it to the edge?
How much were you willing to push it to the edge?
So much thought.
So much concentration.
Just to think outside one little box.
Of course, there is the alternative.
To think inside the box.
Because, if everyone`s thinking outside, then perhaps I should think in?
Then the outside is what everyone thinks is the inside.
And then the inside is what everyone is convinced is the outside.
So when people tell me
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 6 23
Red Leather, Yellow Leather 1
The man named Jakob Rider, who was clad in a formal, fitted light brown suit, carried himself down the hall, flicking each light on as he went. Balancing a tray with a freshly made Caesar salad and a wine glass filled with apple juice in one hand, a note from his boss in the other, he rounded the last corner to enter the enormous, pitch black room.
There was nothing to see but darkness except for a spotlight in the middle, shining down on an extremely bored-looking blonde, spinning around in circles aimlessly in a bright red armchair.
"Your food, sir," Jakob said, his British accent noticeable when he spoke. He stopped at the door, watching the one he just called out to spin in mindless circles.
The boy in the middle of the room ceased his spinning for a moment, peeking through his sleek, dandelion yellow hair to look at his assigned personal assistant. The boy nodded, signaling Jakob to come in with a lazy swish of his hand.
"Thank goodness you came, Jakob; I`m starving," the b
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 7 42
This Means War 28
"He's so fucking annoying, ya know?" Chris mumbled, glaring at the Jashinist on the other side of the room, "His stupid rants on his idiotic religion are so stupid. Just makes me wanna punch him in the face."
"Stop it, Chris, really, un," Deidara said, ceasing to check Chris' homework, "He's a really nice guy."
"You think everyone's nice, Dei, that's your problem," the brunette said, making Deidara look shamefully to the ground, "You think everyone deserves a second chance, when they don't."
"Y-You're changing the subject, un!" Deidara said, continuing to circle the questions Chris got wrong. "Hidan's still really cool!"
"Ch, only to his freak-show friends of his," Chris said loudly, causing Hidan and the gang to look over, eyeing the two suspiciously.
"Chris, lower your voice, un. It's rude-."
"Like I fucking care," Chris scoffed, looking back at the gang. "I hope they hear what I'm saying. They're all fucking messed up."
"Chris! That's not-!"
"True? That's totally true!" Chris said,
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 26 62
You make me smile.
You truly are the one that makes me smile every day.
When I see that you're calling, I grin so wide.
You're the one that makes me the happiest.
Everything you say to me, I listen to, because it's just so funny.
So nice.
So sweet.
So intelligent.
So right.
Even though I haven't really gotten to know you until now,
Even though we've known each other for so long,
I feel like you're someone special.
Someone irreplaceable.
Our inside jokes make me laugh so loud.
You're laugh makes me laugh, and your smile makes me smile.
I hope that you know who you are.
You truly are
My best friend.
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 2 11
Dessert Time.
                "You smell like . . . coffee," the blonde said, grinning up at his boyfriend, nuzzling softly into the red head's neck with his nose. Axel laughed, ruffling the dandelion–yellow mess of hair that was tickling his cheeks.
"Coffee, eh? Well, I do love coffee . . . and you," Axel said, chuckling lightly when Roxas scrunched up his nose, sticking his small pink tongue out.
"You're so cheesy," Roxas said, his words muffled by Axel's shirt. Roxas inhaled and exhaled deeply, moaning slightly into Axel's shirt before wrapping his arms lazily around his boyfriend's shoulders. "You smell like cigarettes, too."
Axel eyes widened slightly, laughing. "I don't even smoke that much! Once, maybe twice, a week at best!" Axel defended, Roxas nodding his head sarcastically, his eyebrows raised high.
"Suuure," Roxas said, sitting up on Axel's lap and rubbing the other's shoulders. "Hmm,
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 3 11
This Means War 27
"I love lasagna, un!" Deidara chirped, bouncing up and down in his seat. Sasori smiled at his blonde, taking a seat across from him in their booth. Deidara quickly flipped open his menu, his baby blue eyes scanning the pages and pages of different foods.
"I'm gonna get . . . a coke float, un. Because I'm fat," Deidara said, sticking his tongue out teasingly and patting his flat stomach.
"If you're fat, everyone else in the world is morbidly obese," Sasori laughed, picking up his menu. "I don't know what to get . . . ."
"Well, what do you want, un?" Deidara asked innocently, tilting his head to the side, not knowing how Sasori took that question. The red head smirked, resting his head of his hand, continuing to look smugly at Deidara.
"Whaaat, un?" Deidara whined.
"Do you know what I REALLY want?" Sasori purred, reaching across the table and lightly brushing Dei's arm. The blonde squeaked, snapping his arm back. Sasori chuckled, licking his lips and brushing his leg against Deidara's.
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 34 65


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I just skimmed- I mean, read-ish the lastest chapter of Naruto aaaand I just have one question:

What. The. Hellllooo. Is. Going. On?????????? O.o


Did Masashi Kishimoto SERIOUSLY run out of ideas so he was just like, "Shooooot, maybe I shouldn't of killed all of the best characters~ >.>" so now he's BRINGING THEM BACK TO LIFE???!!!?! -.-

. . . someone, please, explain this to meeee~~ x.X

byyeeeee~~ :3 <3 <3


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